12 Weight loss exercises with explanation

12 Weight loss exercises with explanation

Weight loss exercises is essential to good health and for weight loss, especially if you’re trying to reach a certain weight.

Learn examples of weight loss exercises.

1- Weight lifting exercices

Weight lifting exercises can improve body composition by increasing the size and density of muscles and can also help increase the metabolic rate, which is the number of calories the body burns during rest periods, but these exercises need trainers and star in a gradual way so do not start them yourself.

2- Planks

The exercise blanc is one example of exercises sports to lose weight and can be done in your home without doing sports halls, you only need to get off the ground and rely on your hands and comb your feet, make sure that your body looks straight with the nappy to tighten the abdominal muscles inward.

3- Jump rope

it’s a cardio-friendly exercise that can help you burn 318 in 30 minutes. Stand with your back straight and keep your feet close together, then jump off the floor, letting the rope pass under your feet and repeat the process again.

4- Running with butt kicks

butt-kicking while jogging is one of the exercises to lose weight and is beneficial for the heart and blood vessels. To do this exercise correctly, stand and spread your feet hip-width apart, ad keep your abdominal muscles tight inward, then start jogging with your leg kicking back, try to touch your foot as much as your butt possible.

5- Squatting

Squatting helps burn calories, be sure to avoid this exercise if you have joint health problems.
To do this exercise, you must stand straight with your feet hip-width apart, then take a squat form by pushing the buttocks back and bending the knees, then jump and repeat the exercise twenty times.

6- Cycling

Cycling is an effective weight loss exercise. it requires a lot of force from the feet to keep the pedals moving. You can use it as a means of transportation to get faster results. Cycling for 40 minutes a day is an excellent way to maintain heart activity, general health, and lose weight.

7- Warm-up exercises

Among the exercises at home, the warm-up can be done by walking outside, on a treadmill, or on a stationary bike at home.

8- Aerobic exercises

You can follow one of the videos to do the aerobic exercises correctly and activate your heart and blood vessels, rope jumping may also be good in this case.

9- Strength and resistance exercises

This exercise is very simple. You can do squats, chest presses, and abdominal exercises. You can also do exercises using small dumbbells, or light weights.

10- Flexibility exercises

Among the exercises at home are flexibility exercises, you can increase the flexibility of your body by doing yoga and stretching exercises.

11- Cool-down exercises

Cool-down exercises are somewhat similar to warm-up exercises, the goal of which is to bring your heart rate back to its normal resting position.

12- Elements of fitness 5

An effective fitness program contains five components, each of which you can do at home:

  • – Warm-up exercises
  • – Aerobic exercises are called cardio exercises
  • – Strength and resistance exercises
  • – Flexibility exercises
  • – cool-down exercises

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