how to not gain back weight after fasting

One of the most common questions asked by people who have regained weight after losing it is how to not gain back weight after fasting? Well don’t worry, the answer is in this article.

In the following, let us learn about how to not gain back weight after fasting, in addition to knowing the reasons for regaining weight after losing it:

how to not gain back weight after fasting

During the dieting journey, difficulties and obstacles appear to reach the result we love. Losing weight is the biggest challenge a lot of people face and I’ve also had.

Therefore, the methods that ensure maintaining the ideal weight must be followed after losing a lot of calories, as it was found that a small number of people can maintain weight after dieting.

how to not gain back weight after fasting are as follows:

1. Eating the main and subsidiary meals

Commitment to eating the main and secondary meals includes the following:

  • Breakfast is a basic meal, as it makes you feel full and strong throughout the day, and this certainly makes you feel physically active. Eat fruits and vegetables as they are very beneficial.
  • Eat food on time and not be late, for breakfast is at nine o’clock at the latest, lunch is from two to three in the afternoon, and dinner is from six to seven in the evening.

2. how to not gain back weight after fasting Regular daily exercise

one of how to not gain back weight after fasting is to exercise regularly and consider it an essential part of daily tasks because it:

  • Helps burn extra calories.
  • Increases metabolism in the body.

It is recommended to take a brisk walk daily for 30 minutes, as this ensures that the weight is stable.

3. Pay attention to protein intake

Eating protein is one of how to not gain back weight after fasting because it contributes to the following:

  • Reducing appetite and enhancing the feeling of fullness, thus not feeling hungry and eating more food; This is because it increases the levels of certain satiety-stimulating hormones.
  • Increase the metabolism of the body.
  • Increasing the burning process in the body.

4. Regularly weighing

Weight control may be one of the effective how to not gain back weight after fasting; Because weight control is a cautionary tool, when you gain weight, you are motivated to change your recent lifestyle.

5. Reducing carbohydrate intake

If the thing exceeds its limits, it will turn into its opposite, and the same applies to eating carbohydrates in a large percentage, which will help in gaining weight, and it is better to respect the percentage of eating them.

Try replacing foods made with white flour with foods made with brown flour.

6. Do not give in to being overweight

An important procedure that is one of how to not gain back weight after fasting is not to give in to eating a lot of food even after eating fatty meals frequently.

7. Preparation for events and holidays

One of the things that make people do not adhere to the diet is special occasions or holidays, which makes many people accept meals that contain calories, so be prepared to resist, so this is part of your struggle towards a good result.

8. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water is one of how to not gain back weight after fasting, as hydrating the body helps in the following:

  • Rid the body of toxins.
  • Increase metabolism.
  • Maintain elevated burning levels.

Drinking water is a necessary and obligatory thing because the proportion of water in a person exceeds 70 percent, and therefore we cannot neglect it. Water must be drunk frequently, even if you do not feel thirsty.

9. Get a good sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the factors that lead to the following:

  • High of the hormone ghrelin, which is because it increases appetite.
  • Decreased the hormone leptin, which is important for controlling appetite.

The less sleep, the greater the feeling of hunger, and staying up at night increases the chances of eating, which is one of the habits that increase weight significantly.

10. Avoid stress and tension

Not being exposed to stress and tension is one of how to not gain back weight after fasting, as the feeling of stress and anxiety is linked to weight gain, due to the following:

  • High cortisol wish leads to an increase in body fat and an increase in appetite.
  • Eating when stressed, in which you to eat a lot of food before you feel hungry.

11. Get external support

One of the important things that is one of how to not gain back weight after fasting is the presence of people who support the person after losing his weight.

12. Eat a lot of healthy foods

Healthy foods are an ideal alternative to harmful foods that cause weight gain, when feeling hungry, they can be resorted to satisfying this desire.

Vegetables come at the forefront of these foods. There are many fruits that contain a large proportion of useful vitamins, and also protect you from weight gain, these fruits are like apples.

Reasons for regaining weight after dieting

After learning about how to not gain back weight after fasting, let us know the reasons for regaining weight after dieting, to stay away from them.

Preventing weight regain:

There are certainly no simple and magic solutions, but usually preventing the weight from coming back is much easier than losing it, and all that requires of you is to be serious about maintaining the weight you lost to be able to prevent it from regaining once.

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