Top 10 exercise at home and rules

Don’t despair if you can’t make it to a gym or hire your own trainer, there are plenty of other innovative ways to exercise at home. In this blog, we share with you five tips for exercising in a good way without the hassle of leaving home to go to the gym.

1. Rules of exercise at home

  • Improve endurance

Focus on exercises that make your heart beat faster. Most guidelines recommend that adults do 75 minutes or 150 minutes of moderate or vigorous aerobic activity per week. These activities can be as simple as brisk walking, swimming, or going up and downstairs. This type of exercise at home helps give you more energy and puts you on the right track for losing weight.

  • Strengthening the muscles

Strive to increase your stamina by challenging your muscles. If you don’t have weights or resistance bands, you can use your own body weight. Squats, lunges, abdominals, push-ups, sit-ups, and upper body lifts are great examples of resistance exercises that you can do at home. Whatever exercises you choose, try to do at least three sets of 8-12 exercises.

When performing static exercises, such as planks, try to start with a steady position for 30 seconds, then gradually increase the duration by 15 seconds as your strength improves.

Try to do muscle-strengthening exercises at least three times a week, and be sure to change your workout routine to include all major muscle groups in the chest, back, abdomen, arms, and legs.

  • Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises improve movement and flexibility, which in turn helps prevent injury. You should do gentle stretching exercises before the exercise and do more intense stretching exercises after the exercise when the muscles are warm.

  • Turning sports into fun

People get excited about movement when sports are not a boring burden for them. If you work out at home, you have plenty of fun-filled exercise options such as dancing and hula-hoops. To add more fun and motivation, these activities can be done with family members or friends.

  • Take advice

It can be difficult to take the first step to get started with exercise. The Internet is an excellent source for ideas about the types of exercises you can do, as you can find free fitness services or videos.

You may need to adjust the exercise plan to suit your age and health condition, but if you have any doubts about this, always make sure to consult your doctor about the types of exercise that are appropriate for you.

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2. Top 10 exercises at home

By nature and instinct, man always tries to maintain his health and appearance, through several methods, the most important of which is exercise at home, where exercise is considered one of the most important means and methods for maintaining health, and today we offer a series of the best exercises that can be practiced at home by all individuals and in all conditions and with minimal.

  • Squat exercise

It is one of the basic exercises in strengthening the muscles of the legs and buttocks, and it can be done with or without weights. The exercise is done by standing straight and then gradually bending the knee joint downward while maintaining the straightness of the back and directing the instep forward. And hold down for a moment, then rise to the top and make the body in a straight position again, and this exercise is repeated in groups of no less than 10 reps.

  • Mountain climbing exercise

This exercise at home is considered one of the very important exercises in strengthening the muscles of the abdomen and legs and strengthening the nerves, and it is done by balancing the body on the palms of the hands and the instep, and then one of the legs is bent to the level of the body until it reaches the abdomen and then returned to its original position. Once again, the same steps are done by the other leg and the exchange is repeated between them, and the effect and strength of the exercise increase by increasing the amount of leg lifting and the number of repetitions.

  • The bridge exercise

As a continuation of the distinctive exercises, the bridge exercise is considered one of the important exercises in general, especially for women, because it works mainly on the muscles of the pelvis and buttocks and can be performed easily by lying on the back and then pushing the middle of the body up until it becomes a level The body is flat in the form of a triangle, and stay in this position for several seconds, then return to the original position, and the exercise is repeated several times to obtain the best.

  • Wheel exercise

This exercise at home depends mainly on the flexibility of the body and muscles, especially the muscles of the leg and stomach, and helps to strengthen them and prevent flabbiness and the appearance of the rumen.

The chest, then straightened, and switched between the legs in a circular motion, such as the one used when riding a bicycle, and repeating the exercise several times until feeling the effect on the muscles of the body, stomach, and legs.

  • Pull up exercise

This exercise at home is considered one of the exercises that work on all the muscles of the human body and helps in increasing flexibility and endurance in general. In the air, the body is then pulled up, depending on the strength of the arms and back muscles, reaching a certain limit and then returning the body again to a straight position, and the exercise is repeated several times to achieve maximum benefit and impact on the muscles, and this exercise can be performed with the hands close to each other Some or with a space between them and each of these forms affects a different muscle of the back muscles in particular and affects all muscles in general.

  • Stretching exercises

This type of exercise is one of the basics of home exercises and is done at the beginning of the exercises and has several advantages and different forms. Doing the exercise by individualizing the required muscle and stretching it straight and trying to reach its maximum tension, taking into account the comfort and straightness in it and holding on to this position for a few seconds, then relaxing the muscle and then repeating the process again.

  • Plank exercise

We have reached the fourth-ranked exercise in our list, where the plank exercise is one of the important exercises at home in losing weight, strengthening the stomach muscles, strengthening the body’s nerves and endurance in general, as this exercise depends mainly on endurance and is done by bending the arms and putting The body is in a straight shape, loaded on the elbow joints, taking into account the straightness of the rest of the body and the instep, and stability in that position for the largest possible time, while looking straight ahead. Endurance and therefore has impressive results in strengthening the muscles and increasing the strength of the body.

  • Push-ups

The push-up exercise is one of the basic exercises in strengthening the back muscles of all kinds and increasing the strength of the body in general. It is done by lying down and placing the body in a straight position, then loading the palm of the hand to do and lifting the body up while keeping the instep in contact with the ground. And then the elbow joint is bent and the body weight is lowered, but without touching the ground, and the process is repeated several times in succession, taking into account maintaining the integrity of the body and loading the muscles of the arms, and straightening the back to feel the effect of the exercise on it.

  • Jogging exercise

We have reached the second exercise in our list of the most important 10 exercise at home, and jogging can be considered an exercise for all places and for all times because it is one of the most important exercises that fully affect all parts and muscles of the body and a great catalyst for the production of important basic hormones and a great helper in losing weight and getting rid of Fat, and it has amazing and inevitable results, because it works to move all the muscles of the body and helps to remove all toxins through the breath and sweat and help clear the mind and muscle and physical activity, and its benefits increases when the stomach is empty during its practice, as in the last hours of fasting, The stretching exercises we mentioned earlier can be used to help prepare and relax the muscles before and after jogging.

  • Relaxation exercise at home “Yoga”

Finally, we have come at the end of our topic to the most important home exercise, which is considered an exercise and a divine command because it includes relaxation and meditation, and yoga exercises are exercises that do not require any physical or mental effort, but the exercise requires complete relaxation and displacement. All thoughts and burdens aside, complete calm internally and externally and enjoying just relaxation, breathing, and happy fantasies.

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