Best 10 types of canned grape leaves

We offer you the top 10 types of canned grape leaves that every mother is looking for. The mother always seeks to bring the most useful and healthy foods. Grape leaves are one of these foods, as they contain many minerals such as iron and phosphorous, and also contain vitamin C, which increases immunity.

In the human body, it also contains about 15 grams of saturated fats and about 660 calories, but it is one of the main dishes in homes that are indispensable in weddings and occasions because it allows the mother to make different fillings inside, not only stuffing rice Grape leaves can be stuffed with minced meat, so we will learn about the top 10 types of canned grape leaves.

The best types of canned grape leaves

1- Shahrzad grape leaves

  • One of the best and most popular types of canned grape leaves that you can buy is offered by Shahrzad Company.
  • It is known to be a Turkish production, and it is characterized by providing the best taste that you can get.
  • The product is evenly shaped, light-colored, and ready to cook straight away.
  • Shahrzad Company was not limited to providing stuffed grape leaves only but was keen to provide the product without filling so that it could be stuffed as desired.
  • It is also keen to meet all the needs of consumers, so it provides all weights and sizes.
  • The price of a pack of 1000 grams of Shahr Zad grape leaves is 55 Egyptian pounds.

2- Perak grape leaves

  • Perak Company is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of the finest food products.
  • It is keen on choosing the best foods, making them of the best quality, and providing them to the customer.
  • One of the best food products you offer is canned grape leaves.
  • It was distinguished by the finest industry in it, and this is the testimony of all those who purchased this product.
  • Birak grape leaves come packed in jars made of premium glass, and they make sure the paper is well-coordinated inside.
  • The grape leaves of this company are soft to the touch and taste great.

The price of a package of Birak grape leaves per kilogram is 72 Egyptian pounds.

3- Panda grape leaves

Panda Company is the best in all food commodities that it provides to its customers since the company was established until this day.

Among the goods that are distinguished by their presentation are canned grape leaves.

It selects the best farms and makes sure to provide the best quality and flavourful leaves.

It always works to provide all the needs of all different categories of customers.

There are a lot of different weights in the packages you offer to the public.

They also offer grape leaves that are not stuffed but are quick and easy to prepare and have the best taste you can get.

The price of panda grape leaves, a package of 980 grams, is 80 Egyptian pounds.

4- Goody grape leaves

Goody company, which is famous for manufacturing the best food products, is among the top 10 companies in the manufacture of canned grape leaves.

It is also known for its great taste, professional packaging, and excellent quality.

It is distinguished by sorting the best food products and presenting them to customers.

It also provides ready-to-cook grape leaves, stuffed with different types of rice, vegetables, or minced meat.

What makes all mothers seek to buy this product from Goody Company, especially in Al-Azomat, is that the company is keen to put all the grape leaves inconsistent and equal sizes, making them look professional and excellent.

The price of Goody grape leaves, a package of 995 grams, is 96 EGP.

5- Green Land Grape Leaves

Greenland has made its grape leaves canned, stuffed, and ready to cook effortlessly.

She also made the best stuffing ever put inside the product.

The Turkish quality that characterizes Green Land is what made customers buy from it and have great confidence in it.

It is also the best choice for working women, as many times they do not find the time to make special dishes, especially on holidays.

The best taste can be made in grape leaves, because inside it is a special Lebanese mixture with premium olive oil.

Available in many Arab countries.

The price of a package of Greenland grape leaves 908 grams is 104 Egyptian pounds.

6- Orlando grape leaves

The most delicious canned food that can be offered to customers, provided by the Orlando Company.

It is one of the most famous companies that provide the famous oriental dishes that every woman is looking for.

The Orlando Company is interested in providing canned grape leaves of different types, some of which are stuffed with more than one type, and some that are not stuffed and preserved in the best healthy way.

Orlando Company is keen to distribute this food product in more than one Arab country, including Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and many other Arab countries.

The price of a box of Orlando grape leaves 908 grams is 104 Egyptian pounds.

7- Freshly grape leaves

If you want to buy the best-canned grape leaves and choose the best types available in the commercial market, you should buy them from Freshly Company.

They are always distinguished in the manufacture of this product and provide it with the best taste and texture.

It also makes it easier and saves time for the ladies in cooking, as it is available with all the wonderful leftover fillings.

It is available in more than one size, there is a package that weighs 280 grams, another weighs 500 grams, and another weighs 1000 grams.

The price of a box of 1000gm Freshly grape leaves is 104 EGP.

8- al alali Grape Leaves

Al Alali Grape Leaves is the most popular of all food commodities offered by Al Alali Company.

This is because it is keen to provide all requirements with excellent quality and reasonable prices for all customers.

This commodity from Al Alali Company is distinguished by the fact that it is selected from the best farms and the finest papers.

Different sizes are chosen and placed in a consistent and tidy form.

The price of Al Alali grape leaves, a package of 970 grams, amounts to 106 EGP.

9- Victoria grape leaves

Victoria Gardens is among the best companies that can manufacture canned grape leaves with excellent quality and great taste.

It takes care of the customer’s comfort as well as his health, and that is why it stores it in a professional manner.

You store it in a hygienic way so that it does not lose its vitamins and other nutrients.

It is keen to provide the best filling and contains tomatoes, onions, mint, parsley, and olive oil, which gives the best taste.

It also provides it in several different weights and prices to suit all categories.

The price of a package of 2000 grams of Victoria grape leaves is about 116 Egyptian pounds.

10- California grape leaves

California is one of the most famous companies that offer the best quality canned grape leaves.

She was known for the excellent quality with which she makes her food; Therefore, California grape leaves are among the top 10 canned grape leaves.

California Gardens has been making grape leaf containers for 35 years now, and they are always the best in their field.

It is also keen to provide canned goods of all sizes and weights, in order to suit the needs of all categories of customers.

They also offer packages of grape leaves stuffed with different types of vegetables and the best ever.

Just buy the package and cook it right away without any effort, and you get the best taste.

The price of California garden grape leaves 1000 grams is 108 Egyptian pounds.

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