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Breast augmentation (breast augmentation orlando ) is a personal decision that may have a significant impact on your self-esteem, confidence, and overall quality of life. Breast Augmentation surgery may be the solution for you if you’re unsatisfied with the size or shape of your breasts.

Overview for breast augmentation

breast augmentation
breast augmentation

Dr. Armando Soto, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Aesthetic Enhancements Plastic Surgery in Orlando, provides his patients the advantage of years of training under some of the country’s leading specialists in elective breast surgery.

This involves breast augmentation to enhance the size and contour of the breasts. Breast augmentation is a procedure that involves the placement of implants in the breasts to enhance or restore volume. It is appropriate for individuals who wish to raise their cup size or who have lost volume after pregnancy.

Silicone cups filled with a saline solution or silicone gel are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to provide the form and look that each patient wishes.

Patients can choose for fat transfer to the breasts instead of implants, which is a terrific choice for individuals who have extra fat on their bodies and want a more modest, natural-looking outcome.

Breast Augmentation Orlando

When performed by a skilled surgeon with a creative eye, breast augmentation is more than merely making a woman’s breasts “bigger.”. Breast augmentation should always aim to restore a woman’s figure’s balance and proportion, making her feel more attractive, confident, and at ease in her own skin. It requires a particular kind of expertise to master the delicate task of improving and complementing the beauty that already exists while maintaining a fully natural appearance.

Your breasts will seem more luscious if you increase their fullness and projection. Breast augmentation surgery can also help you achieve better proportion between your breasts and the rest of your body. Your self-esteem will surely rise as your figure becomes more balanced.

Breast Augmentation Orlando, also known as augmentation mammaplasty, is a procedure that employs breast implants to give you bigger breasts. This procedure can help restore breast volume that has been lost due to pregnancy or weight loss. If you’ve been wounded or had to have a mastectomy due to cancer or another catastrophe, a breast enlargement with rebuilt breasts might help you regain your confidence.

Breast augmentation is a highly individual treatment. Dr. Joseph, our Orlando breast augmentation surgeon, has conducted several Breast Augmentation surgeries and has always met and exceeded his patients’ expectations. He recognizes that no two women are the same, and that each breast augmentation treatment must be tailored to each patient’s specific needs, objectives, and body type.

Candidates who are qualified

Breast augmentation is a surgery that is particularly specific to the patient. If you’re thinking about having this operation done, you should do it for yourself, not for the sake of pleasing others. You should also set reasonable goals for yourself. Breast implants are not guaranteed to last a lifetime, and future surgery to replace one or both implants may be necessary. Keep in mind that pregnancy, weight loss, and menopause can all have an impact on the look of your changed breasts over time.

We want you to feel entirely secure in your decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery, whether you believe your breast size is too small, you have suffered a loss in breast volume after pregnancy, or you want to balance a discrepancy in breast size. Our facility provides the ideal situation for friendly, private, and completely confidential consultations in which all of your questions and concerns about Breast Augmentation are freely and honestly addressed.

We’ll talk about your alternatives and he’ll give you his expert advice on which method is best for you, depending on your present anatomy, skin tone, and personal objectives. We will ask you to view before and after images of his work as part of the consultation process; our first focus is our patients’ entire pleasure.

Breast augmentation won’t do any of the following:

Breasts that are sagging or drooping can be fixed. If sagging is your major issue, a Breast Lift is a good option. Excess skin and tissue are removed, the breast is lifted, and the nipple is repositioned during this surgery. Breast augmentation alters the size and form of your breasts solely. However, these two treatments are frequently performed in tandem. The treatments may be performed in the same surgery or in separate surgeries, depending on your body and your demands.

The Methodology

Your breast surgeon will put the Breast Implant below or above the muscle, in the crease Where the breast joins the chest, near the armpit, or around the areola (the dark skin encircling the nipple). The implant will be put beneath your breast tissue, which will be sliced and lifted. Your implant can go straight beneath your breasts, behind the chest muscle, or in a dual plane, partially behind the muscle and partially behind the breast tissue. Dr. Joseph will go over the numerous alternatives with you and adapt the procedure to your specific need.

What is Breast implants

Breast implants are a type of breast implant.

Breast implants in both saline and silicone gel are now accessible for Breast Augmentation. Dr. Joseph, an Orlando breast surgeon, employs a range of breast implants in various sizes and shapes. Dr. Joseph will explain the differences between the two implants, as well as any safety concerns you may have, and will assist you in choosing the right implant for you.

Dr. Joseph will discuss the many options and types of breast implants with you and help you get the appearance you desire since Breast Augmentation surgery is as much an art as it is a science.

The implants used are fully safe, pose no known health hazards, and have no impact on a woman’s future ability to breastfeed. Breast augmentation is presently one of the safest surgical procedures available, from start to finish.

silicone vs saline vs fat transfer

Breast implants with saline

When it comes to determining which type of implant to use for breast augmentation, people still choose saline implants. Because these implants are filled with a sterile saltwater solution, the patient may immediately notice leakage or rupture of the implant as the saline is absorbed by the body.

Implants made of saline are also less costly than those made of silicone. The ability to see and/or feel the implant through the skin, as well as the fact that they seem less realistic than the patient intended, are the most common drawbacks of saline implants. This is caused by the implant rippling and occurs far more frequently with saline implants than with silicone gel implants. This is especially important for women who are slender and have little natural breast tissue volume.

Breast implants made of silicone

Silicone breast implants are the most often used implants nowadays, and surgeons prescribe them to patients who are slender and want a more natural look. Silicone gel filled implants have now been demonstrated to be as safe as saline filled implants after many years of research and experience, and have been cleared as such by the US FDA, provided you follow the required follow-up.

The silicone shell comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures, and is prefilled with silicone gel. It’s difficult to determine when a silicone implant ruptures, unlike saline implants, wherein leaking is absorbed by the body and implant volume seems to reduce over time. To identify any rupture, an ultrasound or an MRI is generally necessary.

Dr. Soto now offers high resolution ultrasound examination of breast implants at Aesthetic Enhancements for the peace of mind of his patients, which formerly required a visit to a radiology clinic and was linked with additional expenditure. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, patients seeking silicone implants must be at least 22 years old.

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Fat transfer breast augmentation orlando

Fat transfer is an option for individuals who want bigger breasts but don’t want to utilize an implant to get them. Dr. Soto will use liposuction to remove fat from regions where you may have some extra fat, such as the flanks, belly, and thighs. The fat will be refined and purified before being progressively re-injected into the breasts with needles in order to ensure that the volume is uniformly distributed. This approach is suitable for ladies who want to achieve a more subtle contour refinement or a moderate increase in size.

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