Best 10 Benefits of Bananas for Babies

Given the many benefits of bananas, in this article, we will present the top 10 Benefits of Bananas for Babies. Bananas are very useful fruits for adults and children, as they are the right choice for treating many diseases.

It is also a very suitable option for children as it helps build their bodies. Not because bananas are one of the foods that everyone loves for the beauty of their taste. But because it is characterized by the presence of many benefits.

Bananas contain many nutritional benefits, including containing high calories that provide infants with energy and help build their body.

Benefits of Bananas for Babies

Banana is the ideal fruit that must be relied upon in feeding children, especially infants. Bananas must be introduced when starting to feed the infant. Because it contains important and Benefits of Bananas for Babies. It is also characterized by ease of digestion and there are many recipes for bananas that the mother can give to her infant, including:

  • Banana mashed with milk: This recipe is prepared using a medium banana with 45 ml of formula or breast milk. The banana is peeled and cut into slices, then mashed with a fork and added the milk to it. This recipe is one of the recipes rich in many minerals and vitamins that speed up the growth of the child and strengthen his bones.
  • Banana, wheat and dates mashed: One of the recipes rich in nutritional benefits that help the growth of the child, where bananas are mixed with wheat and dates rich in benefits. This recipe has a distinctive taste that all children love.
  • Banana puree: Some children do not like any additions to bananas. In this case, it is possible for the mother to rely on bananas only. By cutting it into slices, and using a fork to break it up until it becomes completely creamy.
  • Mashed Banana with Apple: This recipe is done by using half an apple that has been boiled over the fire in order to make it easier to mash it with the banana, and then add the apples to the banana and mash them together using a fork until it becomes a puree that the infant can eat.

In addition to many other recipes, the many Benefits of Bananas for Babies, including:

10- Improving the mental abilities of the infant

At the beginning of her child’s development, the mother must focus on introducing foods that help the child’s mental development, and work to improve his mental abilities. Bananas are one of the best foods that can be relied upon to improve the mental abilities of the child.

This is because it contains folic acid, which improves the memory of the child and the development of his brain. Benefits of Bananas for Babies work to protect the child’s mind.

9- Giving energy to the baby

Bananas provide the body with energy. This is because it is one of the foods that give instant energy because of the carbohydrates it contains, which help provide the infant’s body with immediate energy. As in the first period of childhood, children are in a state of constant movement and activity, and this makes them in constant need of foods that provide the body with energy. Hence, bananas were one of the basic foods that mothers depend on for feeding their children.

8- Supplying the body with vitamins

Bananas contain a lot of useful nutrients and vitamins. It also contains calcium, which is one of the most important vitamins at all because it works to protect and strengthen children’s bones, as well as vitamin B6, and iron. Bananas are rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, so care must be taken to introduce them to infants at the beginning of their solid food intake.

7- Strengthening the bones of the infant and promoting their health

There is no doubt that bananas contain calcium and many vitamins, as we mentioned. All of these vitamins and minerals are among the things that work to strengthen the bones and build them properly. The more strong bones the child has, the faster his progress in walking, cognition, and many other functions.

Therefore, it is rare for a mother to leave her infant without adding bananas to his main food, especially at the stage of introducing solid food to the child. And we will discover more about the Benefits of Bananas for Babies.

6- A powerful and effective treatment for constipation

Bananas are one of the powerful remedies that are relied upon in the treatment of constipation, especially because they contain many dietary fibers that improve digestion, treat chronic constipation, and supply the body with many vitamins and minerals. Dietary fiber also improves bowel movement in the infant, and this helps to eliminate constipation.

5- Fighting urinary infections

Among the Benefits of Bananas for Babies as well clean the intestines and the body in general from all toxins that can collect in them, and this helps prevent and fight infections in the urinary tract. Therefore, mothers must be keen to add bananas to the foods that the infant is fed. To prevent urinary infections.

4- Promote heart health

Because bananas contain a lot of dietary fiber, which has many benefits as it promotes heart health, the dietary fiber in bananas reduces heart disease, blockage of blood vessels, as well as coronary heart disease.

3- Increase the immunity of the infant

Among the Benefits of Bananas for Babies as well are one of the most important and best foods that are relied upon to increase the immunity of infants. This is because bananas are foods rich in many vitamins that increase the body’s energy and strengthen the immune system because bananas contain vitamin “B6”, vitamin “C” and vitamin “A”. This also reduces the possibility of infection with malignant diseases.

2- Preventing anemia

Anemia is a common disease that affects mothers with anxiety, as it occurs when the body stops producing the necessary quantities continuously of red blood cells. This is due to iron deficiency. Therefore, to avoid infection with this disease, it is necessary to take care to eat foods rich in iron.

Bananas are one of the foods rich in iron, folic acid, and many other vitamins that contribute to the formation and adequate production of red blood cells. Therefore, bananas are among the foods that prevent anemia, because they contain iron that supplies the body.

1- Enhance your eyesight

Bananas enhance vision because bananas contain vitamin A, which improves vision, and protects the cornea of ​​the eye. The benefits of Bananas for Babies also protect the infant from insomnia and make the child feel happy because bananas stimulate the hormone of happiness in children, which is the hormone serotonin.

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