Best 10 types of basic spices for cooking

Now, through our website, we present to you the top 10 types of basic spices for cooking, as spices are one of the most important and best smells and flavors that are added to many foods and no woman can dispense with them in her kitchen, or when preparing food.

We can distinguish food through the spices that are placed for it Because each type of spice is one of the culinary secrets of each of us, and therefore it has a certain way to add it to foods and it must be placed in the right way because each type of it fits a particular food or a particular meal.

1. The best basic spices for cooking

When we want to buy basic spices for cooking, we must choose well and be from a trustworthy dealer or perfumer because there are many non-original spices in the markets.

For this reason, skilled housewives in cooking and those with long experience prefer to buy spices without grinding and grind them at home, to ensure quality Spices and in order to enjoy the aromatic pungent aroma of each type of spice.

But beginners in the kitchen and cooking resort to buying ground spices for speed and to be easy for them to use, but in this case, they must be purchased from a guaranteed place, and there may be multiple types of kitchen spices and the best 10 types of basic spices for cooking are as follows.

1.1 Latency

Cumin is one of the best aromatic pills that gives us many benefits. It is one of the most important treatments for colon and abdominal pain in general, and it works to strengthen the body’s immunity.

Because cumin has a pungent aroma that adds a distinctive flavor to many dishes, it cannot be dispensed within the kitchen, especially with potatoes and beans in breakfast.

It is one of the best 10 types of basic spices for cooking that is used as a basic condiment for all kinds of dishes that include tomatoes in their ingredients, as it is closely related to these dishes.

1.2 dry coriander

Dry coriander is the seeds of the green coriander plant, but it is collected and dried, and these seeds are very concentrated and contain a lot of beneficial substances.

In addition, coriander is one of the most important basic spices for cooking, which is widely used in Egyptian and other Arab cuisines.

Where we cannot prepare the beautiful green molokhia dish with a delicious taste without putting dry coriander in it, as it is one of the best Egyptian dishes that we are proud of among many countries around the world.

We can also add dry coriander in the following dishes: chard and spinach, and many dishes in the Egyptian kitchen use this type of steam, as it is very distinguished in its placement of foods.

Especially all foods that contain garlic, because it is known that garlic is very related to dry coriander, so it must be mixed together.

1.3 brown pepper

Brown pepper is one of the top 10 types of basic spices for cooking, which is the unrivaled king of spices because of its multiple uses in the kitchen. It is the most common flavor in use.

It cannot be dispensed with in egg dishes and municipal salad, in addition to its multiple health benefits, as it stimulates blood circulation in many people.

Not to be rejected, it is the mighty black grain that adds unparalleled flavor and flavor to any dish to which it is added.

1.4 Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a herbal plant that is a stick that can change the taste of food and change its smell for the better. In addition, it gives a distinctive dark brown color to food.

It can change the mood for the better as well, just by adding it to one of the hot foods or hot drinks, it is really fun and special. Each type of spice has a special date for its appearance in order to refresh you with its presence.

So when you hear from someone that he doesn’t like cinnamon, for example, know that he didn’t taste it right, or in the right way.

Cinnamon is one of the top 10 basic spices for cooking, which is used in small sizes and quantities. Because if it is used in large quantities or in large quantities, it spoils its taste and enjoyment, and therefore the right amount is a must.

1.5 lorry paper

Bay leaf is one of the main seasoning ingredients for soup. Which gives a strong aroma and high-quality flavor to soups and rice in particular. It is a yellow leaf that does not appear on it any kind of importance.

But you know its ability when you put it in soup after putting chicken or meat. Its scent can overwhelm the entire house. Just that the soup is boiling and has a bay leaf, so everyone loves it and knows its value well.

It is suitable for many dishes, not only soup but also added to meat and to basmati rice, as well as rice with a mixture.

1.6 Rose button

Rose button is one of the top 10 basic spices for cooking. Which is the secret grill that many people are looking for. Where the biggest grill chefs depend on it for being charming and distinguished.

In order for the grill to gain the delicious taste and pungent aroma that fascinates those who actually eat grills. It is a type of flower that is very small in size, pink in color.

But it has a deep and large effect, despite its small size, earns the barbecue unparalleled professionalism.

1.7 Thyme

Thyme is one of the herbs that were used in the past, and it is very popular in the Levant.

But we do not know anything about him for a long time, and we learned about him after the revolution of satellite channels that transmitted the heritage of civilizations to us.

Where thyme adds a lot of flavor and distinction to poultry and white meat, it is distinguished in this regard. It is also very easy to grow thyme in the kitchen.

Fresh thyme is used in many types of foods, and thyme is also used in roasted vegetables. Where it makes the taste of vegetables very magnificent and sophistication.

1.8 Turmeric

It is one of the best herbs that were used in the past, but it has many benefits and it has become famous again in Egyptian cuisine for many people.

In addition, this herb is more stable in Indian cuisine, because they love turmeric greatly in India, because of its countless benefits.

It is also added to chicken and rice, and this gives them a different color and taste that remains the most wonderful ever.

1.9 The black bean

Black bean is one of the most important and best 10 types of basic spices for cooking, which are frequently used in baked goods.

And many types of sweets and the reason for using this type is due to the importance and great benefits that lie in the black bean.

They are very fine herbal seeds, but they have a good and distinctive flavor, and they have many other names, as sanog, qizha, choner, or bishma, or senoge.

1.10cardamom or cardamom, cardamom, love cardamom

Cardamom: is one of the distinct types of spices that are used whole, and also used ground, because it is used in the preparation of soups and many types of foods and sweets.

Cardamom is used in the preparation of many sweets and in the manufacture of distinguished Arabic dishes, in addition to its use in the manufacture of various drinks.

Cardamom is used in making tea and milk and is one of the most important ingredients in Arabic coffee.

It must be kept in an airtight container, dark in color, and not accessible to light.

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