About Us

About Us For Beauty Fitness

Welcome to Beauty Fitness! It makes no difference how you found us today, but that you found us today is what is most important. This community has evolved over the past two years as a safe place to begin your journey; to belong to something supportive; and, to help you believe in the power you already have inside but have yet to discover. My goal is that this is the last weight loss support site you will ever need.

Please come inside and explore. Whether you become a part of this community in an active way, or you come back again and again because you needed a push, a word of encouragement, or to make a connection with what you want, you are home. Welcome, home Beauty Fitness.

You have found your way here in what I consider a perfect sense of timing, for you and for me. Why? Mostly because we find ourselves wanting and needing the kind of support and understanding we have never had before. We know we want something more than we have, and we know we have a burning desire to have a life that will not trap and imprison us.